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ACAD 00-003 and SRO Direct for non-traditional ed / military

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I think at my plant they track how long you had a particular NEC and don't ever remember them asking anyone for specific qual dates.

I don't recall it coming up with anyone I've interviewed. Usually by the time a guy is in position to even interview for a commercial job he's held the NEC for more than enough time.


Well I guess I am just being the typical ET/RO over anaylizing everthing, old habit to look every possible situation and try and think about it ahead of time.  You know like when we used to sit around manuvering and argue about what the worst possible casualty was!! SLR or MCP rupture on both loops ect....

Thanks anyways
PS What about the nontrad Degree do they treat it just like regular degree? and can I fininsh during the six months at plant?

No a Non Traditional degree won't help you in Ops. It might somewhere else. SRO is the ticket in Ops.

You can go to college anytime during your employment but you have to work it around your schedule.



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