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How long do you have to stay at a place of lodging, before they can't charge tax for the room anymore?

Already Gone:
It varies by state.  California is 30 days.  NJ is either 90 or 180 days.  Georgia only exempts government employees on official business.
Check the tax authority in your state.

It is one thing to claim the tax exemption after 30 days, another to get results.
In New York, they will stop collecting the tax and even refund any if needed. (West Valley). In California, (Hunters Point) they said we don't know anything about that, so we won't stop collecting. Too bad.
In NY, I was able to find the form on line, and after giving it to the hotel, they were satisfied and were no problem. I wasn't able to find the correct form in Ca. and they were not cooperative at all. So, if someone has an easy way to find the forms, it might be a hit or miss thing.

get ahold of the tax authority in california.  they will give you the straight 'n narrow.  don't bother with the hotel clerks, they're increasing the bottom line.  if you qualify, let the hotel clerk know, if they don't cease collecting the tax, call the tax authority and they will enforce the ceasation.


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