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The Firewatches are GREAT!  Learned how to Line-Dance at the North 40.  Made to the Liquor Store on I-40 in 10 minutes!  Got married and divorced.  Learned what "spottin" for deer is all about. Learned alot about Hot-Particles.  Learned what a compassionate person Stan was.  Wow did he really know how to communicate with people.  ANO....the only place to get a G/A open-window beta reading anywhere in U1 Rx basement.  What a claim to fame!  Stan...Hats off to you and your people skills!

I worked at ANO in the early 90's some where arounr 91& then again in 93 I do remember working nights then partying at the sunrise motel, i belive that was teh name  then sleeping for 3 hours if that before doing it again. I also remember having to dressout afer going through dosimetry since the aux. bldg was crapped up !! stove top you still out there somewhere? worked with calvin robinson, and carl irvine and too many others to mention but i do remember that we all had some great times there !!!

I did three tours at ANO,, If I remember right there was a place called Skull Orchard across the lake from the plant,, gawdddd that always turned into a mess, but then again most of the 80's have slipped my mind... I guess three things I can say good about ANO is 1. I met my wife there ( and hell NO not at the north 40) 2. I learned to Turkey hunt  3. I met a hell of alot of good people there, I guess it's not hard to meet good people when you have a SC like Butch Byrd


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