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I understand that the IBEW just concluded their contract negotiations. UWUA stewards in NY are interested in how you guys made out. Would someone down there please send me a private message? .

Aaaahhhhh......Skull Orchard. Me and Tarbox are card carryin' members of that fine tradition, along with quite a few others on this site I would venture to guess. As I racall, the local girls in the "Chicken Coop" made life infinitely more bearable on night shift, though the fire watches weren't too bad either. The people were great! Strawberry Layman, Tim Tarbox, Wayne Mandrell (He was in security back then), Burt Lynch, Jim Looper, Butch, Stan, .... the list goes on and on. It's one of the few plants I ever worked where I would have liked to go House. As a matter of fact, I'm housin' it now at P.I. but ya never know. They lookin' for any ALARA Planners?


I to remember the Skull. What a time.Do any of you guys remember playing golf of of the grave's and the Beer bong. Still have the card at home for safe keeping. Brad

Grave-top Golf! Fourrrrrr! Skull Orchard was also host to these other fine culturally enriching events:

The "How much Jose can you chug before you go blind" contest (Reigning champ last I checked was Adrian Lucie).

Monster Truck Bumper Pull

Greko Roman Wrestling.....shirtless....on gravel.

Carry your girl to the tree in the lake.....and leave her there.

The "I can prove these shoes are fire-proof..." contest.

"Kill Blaine's car with a survival knife"

"Technocolor Yawn for distance"

These events only scratch the surface of the culturally enlightening which occured at The Skull.
If you can remember any others, ad to the list. Unfortunately for me, if it didn't happen in the first hour or so, it has been lost forever in an alcoholic haze.


 ;) I belive the name of the buger joint was the WhataBuger. Biggest Hambuger I ever saw and what ever you do don't order the large Fry. Brad


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