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Zero to ANSI 3.1 in Six Years

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Don't forget to take into consideration the plant RPM and or managers interpertation of ANSI. They have, in the past, made people Sr RP Techs with less time. That is IF they are willing to designate the person as a Sr on paper and take ALL of the responsibility for it. Ive seen it, not very offten but it does happen.

In the old days as a Jr we used to get a letter from the RPM at the plant stating we had "X" Jr time to be counted towards our Sr time. I don't see that happening these days since most company's are now  keeping track of Jr time acquired and keeping it auditable with being conservative. That may not seem fair to the Jr (in their opinion) however; it protects the tech as well as the company they are going to represent.

Rad Bimmer:

--- Quote from: gravy58 on Oct 15, 2013, 06:32 ---They are handing out 2 year degrees like hamburgers at McDonalds. If you super size it, you can be a lead Tech. with in your first year of work and never have to cover a hot job. Of course if you through in a happy meal, they'll make you a Supervisor.

--- End quote ---

Gravy I agree with you for I know one or two that are RP supervisors and have never swung a meter. Now how is that possible SMH!

Rennhack this is great info although I think many of the newbies, even if they went to school for RP should start out as deconners and get some experience on that end and a feel for the industry!

So what about if I have an engineering degree, and 2000 hours of experience. Is that enough to be a 18.1Sr. Rp?

Depends on that 2000 hours of experience.


--- Quote from: NUCVINI on Jul 11, 2024, 12:30 ---So what about if I have an engineering degree, and 2000 hours of experience. Is that enough to be a 18.1Sr. Rp?

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Be sure to read this article; "Acceptable Experience and Training for HP Technicians at Nuclear Power Plants":,4395.0.html

Your B.S./advanced degree in science/engineer =1 year exp.

The way BHI/WEC does it, you are a junior untill you have 1 year exp, then they make you an 18.1.  Be advised, most sites require you to be 3.1, 3 years exp.


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