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Roll Tide:

--- Quote from: deaztrailnutz on Feb 02, 2007, 03:43 ---How much of Peach Bottom 1 (the gas cooled reactor) is still in place?  I know it was decomissioned years ago, but has it been dismantled yet?  Why was it shut down after such a run?

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It will probably be "Green Fielded" at the same time as the currently operating unit.


Ok I saw alot of talking but not much about the plant and working there! I am a Jr. Rp and am planning on going there this fall before TMI's steam gen. Any info on the plant and how your treated, and even places for campers or hotels would be much appreciated!



This popped up as an ad on a page I was viewing:


At first I thought I could finally be the owner of a nuclear plant for a reasonable price... three of them, in fact!


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