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If your getting any PM's that you don't want or you find objectionable, please notify either Nuclear Nascar, Mike Rennhack, me or any Sr. Moderator and if possible forward the PM you were sent.

It seems that several folks have been getting some unsolicited PM's. We'll remedy the situation for you, thanks for your patience.

your friendly neighborhood moderator

hopster  8)

Nuclear NASCAR:
I'd like to echo what Pat has said.  I just logged on a few minutes ago and had 13 new PM's from several of you who had received an unwanted PM.  This user has been banned.  Please accept my apologies for this unsolicited garbage.


hey guys ! glad to see this situation was taken care of! many of us the site to maintain relationships with fellow co-workers or employment contacts. we do not want unsolicited pm's once again thanks for being on top your game concerning this.

Did everyone get this email?  Can we find out who is sending this email out?  Is there anything we can do to stop this from happening agin?


            >:( The problem with these unwanted PM's is, if you open them at work on company computers you may find yourself in a bit of trouble...
           ::)I'm glad I didn't open it at work, and won't in the future...


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