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I first went there in the spring of 2000, by some of the old timers I was told it used to be better.

Good plant, good people, good area (a little country but good).

Does anybody happen to have any information on the status of negotiations at Prairie Island? Just curious, because I got a call from a recruiter today that was looking to round up scabs "just in case."


Also, heard today that they reached a tenative agreement.

 :(  Hey folks,

Has anybody ever worked for the new RADCON management at Prairie Island? They expect the rad techs to spend 10 out of 12 hours in containment through this S/G replacement.  They want the techs to start doing laborer and decon jobs, too.  Have they not heard the secret that Prairie Island is UNION?  Oh yeah,  they don't have a break area for the techs when they get that big ONE hour out of the Can either.  Told us we didn't need breaks.  I guess we'll be too busy writing up those surveys to eat or drink anything.  Can't wait to see how long it is before the revolving door starts spinning!  WHEEEEEEE!  I've never been here before and for sure I'll never be back.

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