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:D Mini shutdown weekend seemed to go well. musta been ahead of schedule as they  kept on calling us in 3-4 hours ahead of shift. Venture ran one shift but wanted 24 coverage...go figure. Good people there. Had it much more together than my first taste @ ref-out 8. Ah...home, paid ,own bed, life is good. Wye motel was a good place to stay though(Clinton) about 8 minutes from plant.

Hope I'm okay on this thread with this question:  Am at DC  Cook, housemouse, long past road tech;  new RP superintendent as of Monday morning is Robin Serocke...  stated as having come from Clinton where she held the position of radiological engineer.  Asking for any words of wisdom regarding Robin and a tech-point-of-view regarding her past at Clinton and possibly her future at Cook.  Thanks in advance for any pertinent info.  For the record, we welcome her here and hope she is instrumental in effecting improvements in our program.

You guys at DC Cook should be real happy with Robin. We will miss her here at Clinton. She was a valued member of the RP team. Robin is smart, young  and  ambitious.  However, I have never really seen her in a position of authority.  Its been my experience that Radiation Protection Mangers are as good as the people around them or as bad as the Management at the top that  they  take orders from. If Robin can hold her own and not be intimidated by  the  upper  Management boys, I believe she will be a good one.  Give Robin your support and I believe Robin will give it right back. Good Luck and way to go Robin. DJ

St Raphael:
DJ - how's everything at Clinton?  Hope to see you next year.  I'll have another pie for you! Happy Thanksgiving to all at Clinton.


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