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I've written a program to summarize the ratings in the 'Rate This Site' section. If you have not rated every site you have been at, you are wasting a valuable tool. Below is a shortcut to a page that lists all of the ratings in one location, please go rate every site you have been at after you read this.

This list displays all of the ratings, and has a link to vote and comment on each site.

Don't forget to vote!

Top Ten Most Loved Nuclear Facilities in the World!

I just added a Company Ratings page:

Y-12 and Douglas Point beat out Beaver Valley in the 10 most disliked poll.

10 Most Disliked Sites

Facility Score Votes
Douglas Point 12 4
Y-12 17 3
Beaver Valley 18 44
Portsmouth 18 19
Dresden 18 58
HB Robinson 18 11
River Bend 23 26
Wylfa 25 2
Winfirth 25 2
Trawsfynydd 25 2

What about McGuire and Oconee?


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