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Great food at El Rodeo (numerous locations in Triangle)...also a really good Philly Cheese Steak at Zero's in Durham.

I stayed at The Park in Cary and we enjoyed our stay considerably better than we did in Raleigh or Sanford. Buffalo must have stayed in one of the newer holes in Sanford at the Palomino.  They were nasty and rude to us on our first "fly-over" at Harris.  Again, The Park in Cary is THE place to be.  It is clean, very nice, and the folks are helpful whenever the outage starts to end and all your buds begin to leave, they'll find you something smaller and more affordable by yourself.  I know of one occasion, they adjusted the rent because a man was left by himself for a couple of weeks and they wanted to take care of him because he was such a good customer...

I was there when Bartlett took over the contract from ARC in 1992.  It was a great place to work, and the house HPs were great also.

The area is great the house people are nice, but we were called ranked amateurs (and on memo) by the rpm on the first day of the sg replacement.   It aint no Brunswick, when it comes to hospitality, but it is not bad.  They shutdown this friday for a three week outage.


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