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I worked at Fluor Daniels Fernald for 13 years, started as a hazardous waste technican (hazwat) and completed training for a Chemical/Controlroom Operator. I am certified by DOE, not really sure if that helps anything. The remediation project is completed and I am unemployed. Any advice on direction to take now, would like to take some classes to further my education, but dont have lots of time. Need employment soon. I am getting to old to do the hazwat work and NRC controlroom operator certifications seems that you must be employed in Nuke plant to participate. I have applied to some job opering for operator with no luck. I am looking for options and opinions as to which directions to head into. I have alot of DOE training, OSHA 40 hr hazwopper, Rad worker2, confined space, lock and tag, P&ID,  nuclear criticality, RCRA, and many more through out my 13 years there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Roll Tide:
Welcome! Based on your post, you are not in a position to attend a couple of years of college. Building from what you have done so far, consider the other places that use that sort of labor. The operating DOE sites as well as other remediation projects come to mind.

You could use your experience to possibly get your foot in the door at a commercial (NRC regulated) plant as AUO. But with the mix you describe, DOE or DOD should be your priority.

Thanks for your advice, thats what I was thinking of doing. Probably my best instead of starting over. Thought Id ask to see if there was any options anyone knew of. Guess I will keep trying for those positions. You guys give good advice to each other nice to see people helping each other out!!!! Thanks again!!


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