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PS3 issues with HDMI


I bought a PS3 with the intent to load Linux on it an have my next new computer.  If it is not broke, do not fix it!  I upgraded the firmware and the TV and PS3 now can not communicate.  I can still use the SD method, but I want no part of that. 

While in school I used to go to the computer labs in the middle of the night to boot up Beowulf clusters using the mass number of unused pcs and the fast LAN.  I could run these codes for school work alot faster than I could at home.  It once took me almost a week of running code on a single PC to get useful results! Run it on the cluster and you might finish your first cup of coffee before going home.  I want to see what this 204 Gflops, 2.08 Tflops with the graphics chips, monster can do! 

I had plans to run some of my older neutronics codes on this beast of a super computer called the Playstation 3 and push it hard.  I wish I could get a hold of Monte Carlo and redo some of the labs I did in school.  Raytracer and a photo enhancments software from a russian is next.

For any real reactor engineers out there, and not just a operator like me :) , let me know if you would ever try to use the PS3 to run core code.  I would also like to hear about the results of your experiences.


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