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If anyone has lodging information for this facility, please post it here.

5 rooms in two private homes within 1.5 miles of Plant Hatch. One of the homes is near the river. Very nice place to stay and less than a motel room in Baxley. Contact Patsy @ 912-367-3411
Ken, a security guard at hatch w/ trailers for rent 75-150 /wk 912-367-1149.

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Worked an outage for them last year.  Great group of valve techs.  I swear they didn’t have any place to rig off of.

AW...Hatch.  What fond memories.  "Yosimite Sam" (Site Coord) verbally harassing you, 12-hrs on the doors, the "good-old-boy" southern hospitality, "Hair-Lip" providing positive re-enforcement, Hatch a place I shant forget and hope to return.

Only worked there once, would not go back. Hopefully things are better with Dorsey Smith retired. Plant manager was a very "colorful" character at the time. RP was pretty much universally hated on site and ignored whenever possible. Was also my introduction to sub-human bechtelites, not sure whether they grew them in the swamp or in-bred them.


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