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Perhaps a stupid question but....  I can accesss the nukeworker website from everywhere but my home computer.  I get a website not found message.  I was able to access it from home up until the last couple of weeks.  I also recently (not sure if before or after problem started) installed latest version outlook.  As best I can tell none of my other favorites will not connect.  Any ideas on what the problem is or how to fix?

sounds like a browser issue......can always try updating or switching to firefox.  will anything else connect such as web aps like yahoo or msn?

It may be browser but I can get to yahoo and msn. I'm wondering if it may have something to do with my ISP.  Something about the way they are set up got me locked out of yahoo websites for a while. 

is it dial up or bb? do you have a firewall?

it is a wireless system.  Faster than dial up but not as quick as cable.  I talked to my ISP a bit ago and they said to reboot the wireless modem to get a new address and try again.  Maybe that will help


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