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You asked the same question last night (at approximately the same time - 9 min difference) - and got two semi-answers - Do you not read? 

Unless your employer, not your hall, is based in PA, since you have been in AZ for 7 years you are probably going to collect AZ unemployment, even if you move back to PA.  The correct place for the question is the unemployment office! 

I have to admire the way everybody is willing to help somebody else get PAID.
We have all been there. (At least the roadies)

When it was legal to draw from Massachusetts I just Emailed them and they gave me the answers I believed were correct based on what I was told.  When questions came up at the Mass Office.  I just brought my Email and the Person  read it said OK I understand and was out in about 15 minutes.

If you are a RESIDENT of PA, but lived and worked in AZ without establishing residency (some states it's mandatory, others its not), then you can make a claim in EITHER (but NOT both) states, as you were a "dislocated worker".

So, you're better off making a claim in PA, as AZ is 240 a week, and PA is 400 a week.

Is PA really 400 a week now?  Used to be over 500....


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