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Already Gone:
It is important to distinguish between an interstate claim and a combined wage claim.  An interstate claim is filed by one who has worked in one state and lives in another.  For example, one who has worked in New Jersey but lives in New York can file an interstate claim in New York against New Jersey.  New York would administer your claim and pay your checks at the New Jersey rates.
A person who has worked in two or more states is eligible to file a combined wage claim in any state.  If you worked in Pennsylvania and Florida (or any two states), you can file in Massachussetts, which has the highest maximum benefit in the US and an additional allowance of $25 per dependent child per week.  To file a combined wage claim in Mass., you must do so in person and cannot normally back date to the date of layoff.  That means don't wait a month affter layoff to file, because the claim doesn't start until you get there.  This is NOT THE SAME as an interstate claim.  Massachusssetts, having the highest payout of all 50 states, is quite used to processing claims from residents of other states.  Just tell them you want to file a combined wage claim, and where you worked.
Your employer needs to have reported the wages to the states where you worked.  This is TOTALLY SEPARATE from where they withheld taxes.  If they only reported your wages to Texas, you cannot file a combined wage claim.

Contact info for all the states unemployment depts:

Combined-Wage-Claim A claim filed in one State against wage credits earned in two or more States.

Interstate Combined-Wage Claim A combined-wage claim in which the paying State is not the State in which the claim is filed and the interstate claims procedures are used in making the payment. 

Intrastate Combined-Wage Claims A combined-wage claim in which the paying State is also the State in which the claim is filed and to which the other State or States will transfer wage credits. 

Full unemployment glossary:

And lastly, the locations of Mass Unemployment offices, if you want to walk in:


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