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NukeWorker is having an end of the year Banner Ad Sale.

This is your chance to get the added exposure your company needs to increase brand awareness.   NukeWorker gets 6.5 million page views a month, has over 250 business clients, 30 of which are Fortune 500 companies.  NukeWorker users are very brand loyal, and know that if we support a company, that company is trustworthy in our opinion.  If you’re not advertising on, you should be.

Below are our regular prices, and the sale prices, that are good this week only. (Dec 4th 2006 – Dec 8th 2006)

If you are interested in signing up for a banner advertising campaign, please reply to this message and I’ll send you a contract.  Please indicate what duration you are interested in.

                 Normal Price    Sale Price
                 Normal Price    Sale Price
1 month       $750                $600
3 months     $1,875              $1,500
6 months     $2,625              $2,400
12 months    $5,250             $3,600


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