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I had recently applied for a job at a large DOE site that gets plenty of funds. I was told that I could not work there unless my physical was current. The prospective company said they will not pay for the physical. I have done maybe about 10 years worth of DOE and I have never had to pay for my physical. I could understand that policy if it were a very short term job, but I was told this job could last for up to two years. It seems to me that these companies find ways NOT to hire a prospective candidate. I am currently laid off and I can't afford to pay for insurance so I would have to pay for the physical myself I was told.
Am I wrong for having a sour attitude toward this situation? It seems to me that that policy would alienate alot of good people.
Looking for comments or concern.

Roll Tide:
I haven't worked DOE, but I hear many DOE workers (and former workers) complain that contract companies push things like this down to the employees.

I have been in sitautions before when the hiring company requires something of that nature prior to hire. I did it and then the contractor onsite did not think it was adequate so I did it again anyways once I got there. So what's the point? Why spend a few hundred dollars of my own money for it to get rejected anyway? Alot of times these companies want their OWN doctor to look at you for liabllity reasons. So why should I put up my own money for something that might or might not be accepted?
That's the point of view I've been taking.

Maybe you should check out some of the other DOE sites?

Mike McFarlin:
Go commercial.


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