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Hello, I was just offered a job (this company subs for the DOE).  I have to get a "Q" clearance but have had a few credit issues in the past.  I only have had 3 or so charge-offs and wonder if this would be a problem?  My credit is better now, but I never repaid those debts.  I should have no other issues.  I just would like to know before I accept this offer.  Thanks for your help.

I've never had a "Q", but I'd say be upfront and honest about it and DO NOT try to hide it.  Good luck to ya.

Carolina Jethro:
It might be worth your while to pay for your own credit report so you don't have any suprises. The most inportant thing is not trying to hide anything. I have had an "L" before and I know one guy I worked with who had 2 bankruptcy cases and he still got his clearance. Good Luck!

Thanks for your responses, is it more difficult to get a Q clearance?

Carolina Jethro:
I think they go back and do a 10 year investigation. I am not sure but I would say they are a little stricter due to it being a higher level clearance. The biggest thing they are looking for is trustworthiness. So go ahead and tell all.


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