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Worked there for about six weeks writing survey packages with the bazillion survey points. Gerard is a good friend and CO is one of my most favorite places on the planet.

Had the opportunity to do the origional core load.  (Then they went on to poison the vessel before startup and had to begin all over again.) 
Almost went back during the D&D, so I could say I was there at the beginning and the end.
Worked with a great bunch of folks back then ;D

I worked there during the 1980s as an operations trainer and as an I&C engineer.  Great plant, great people, great times.  Qualified as RO while in ops training, did a reactor startup.  My boss as a trainer was Rick Rivera, one of the best and most animated trainers I've ever met.  He could teach a class on something you would never do, and basically didn't have any interest in, and he'd make it interesting, and you'd learn the material despite yoursefl.   In Results (I&C) engineering, I worked for Jerry McAuley, another great guy, taught me a lot

It was a damn good plant but was not handled right, scared off all other HTGR orders, so became an orphan. 

There were problems preventing the plant from sustaining it's full rated 330Mw output, but it would run to about 80% anyway, what's interesting from a RadCon standpoint is I remember walking right up to the reactor vessel, big prestressed concrete structure IIRC 8 feet thick or more all over, and putting my hand right on it, it was cool to the touch, the dose rate so low I didn't even have a TID issued.  This at 80% power.


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