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This is just to inform some of the big time critics about IRM. I worked for Gary and Bobby Leonard for 11 years, and not once did they lie to me always straight forward, just wished sometimes they were still around.Techs were always blaming them for their problems with the IRS..I have heard them say many times that is up to you to take care of your taxes. I also have worked for Bartlett for quite a few years and they have not lied either, so maybe some of your problems just might be you. These are not the only companies that I have worked for in the past, GTS, DURATEK, GTS DURATEK, RAD SERVICES, NUMANCO, CE, SOLUIENT, AND OTHERS. All of the whining that is going on just makes it a lot more uncomfortable for the rest of us as technician.

Old HP:
You are right about knowing where you stood with Bobby Leonard they made money but they also showed taht they cared about the techs. Bev was one of the best recruiters in the biz.

...You are right Gary...I worked for IRM in the 80's...you struck a deal with them and they stuck to it...they had plenty of work,,,the tax stuff, well you had to take care of business or uncle took care of it for you...I never had a problem with the taxes..there were a couple in the office, that took care of themselves, especially in the final hour...but they had one of the best recruiters in the business, where is she now?...and some good coordinators...Dansby, ,,Dave Johnson...I think Spanky qualifies somewhere in all that...but overall, they were as good as the next guy,,,we are all just a number for them..never forget that.........red

Gary and Bobby were always good to me except when I was caught holding the bag with three bounced checks in them! Never did get all my money.


            ??? Damn, I want to jump in on this  but,,, I started my nuke career with IRM 26 years ago...   While Bobby and Gary were always good to me you must remember it was always about the $$$$ for themselves...
           You can't tell me when you have a thriving business ( as they did)  and you make the individual pay his own FICA....(as well as keep the majority of their overtime monthly)

         As well I remember they were the first company to take away our insurance benefits... ( I could be wrong) But I rembember it because my wife at the time was pregnant with my second child.

         I could go on how I was F***ed  in the middle of a contract with them which cost me thousands of $$$ to have my son but,,,
    I'll stop here... Why bring up the past????
          It was never about us it was only about the outfits...( i.e. DNI,IRM.NSS,RAD) and whoever else....
            We were always just pawns for them... >:( >:(
          I'm sure this will bring out some  quotes...

           Happy holidays to all....
                 And Mike I wish you your family and Daughter nothing but the best....
                      Peace to all... 8)


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