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If I have passed a background with Customs and Border Patrol, What is the likely hood that they will compare my SF 86 to the one I have to fill out for a Nuclear Security Officer?    Is a Polygraph required to obtain a Top Secret Q Clearance?

yinz can supply extra clearance paperwork for yer q clearance.  what dey do wit it is not known.  but they're pretty protocol oriented, sew eye ain't sure it'll speed things up but yew mite feel better.

Some Q Jobs require a polygraph test.  Also it is best to always be consistent with your paperwork.  One person was fired when he was about 50 when he stated on his every 5 year review that he smoked pot when he was in his 20's.  Unfortunately he never mentioned previously on his last few Q cleared updates or his original. So to bad so sad, you are a proven liar you are fired.  I keep my original paperwork and ALWAYS keep it consistent.  Do not want to bring in unnecessary questions or scrutiny. 


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