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This plant is as pleasent as a bag full of assholes

RP Instructor:
I saw on the INPO website, where Kevin R. Rowe is the RPM at LaSalle. I'm curious to know if this is the same Kevin R. Rowe that worked at McGuire during the '83-'85 timeframe while employed with Numanco, and then accepted a house-job as an ALARA Specialist with Niagara Mohawk at Nine Mile Point. Can anyone enlighten me?

La Salle. Braidwood, Dresden ect. are really great plants to work, Oh ya the house techs treat you  poorly but that translates into more money for us carnies. think of it when called up to the HP island to cover house work and you are told that the house won't work with you, what a great place to work oh well I guess its break time again.
House techs are doing us a big favor the way the treat us. SHOW ME THE MONEY.


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