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Talk About: Pilgrim

New England's Number One hot spot...yah yah yah.  I enjoyed myself for the 14 years I was there as a housepuke.  Good pay, great living by the ocean, marvelous parties.  Bad news, this place is a wrecking machine for Contractors.

Pilgrim is a site? I thought it was a retirement home for Road Techs.

I lived in Plymouth, thought it was great.
Good people, great food, outstanding Irish pub.
Whale watching was cool, PYM is a great airport if you like to fly.
Fenway Park was a hoot.

Make sure your car insurance is good, I chose to drive a beater truck. Full contact merge lanes.
Lots of Left-Handed-Coffee-Drinker-Right-Handed-Cell-Phone
type drivers. They USE horns and guardrails.

Good Mun, Lotsa Fun


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