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Last Time there was 2001. Good night life. The Ocean is outstanding. A few nice people really stood out, Jerome, Joe and Bernie. Oh yeah Marie Rossi (Bartlett Recruiter) was working dosimetry, that alone was worth the price of admission!!!!!

 8) 8) 8) worked there in '81, bartletts first contract there for hp's.

the site and myself had a mutual agreement for me to terminate, had  a blast while i was there.


rapid ray

I was there in the late 90's. The RP Supervisors were good guys - but the place was a dump.

Could never get out of the RCA without crapped up shoes, CRD banks dripped continually, they had to build wood scaffold deck around risers to do ISI, they never modified the safe end barrier - so it was hand stack concrete block (incredible amount of exposure), the hand crud on the stairwell hand rails in the office building management occupied was thick enough to cut with a knife, in the same office building you could do radiocarbon testing on the dust bunnies, the carpet was worn down the center with fillet weld like dirt slopes and the stalagmites & stalactites in the microwave ovens would turn off a rat. The lunchroom ceiling tiles were caked in nicotine. Just a vile vile place with no pride. In short - the most vile Nuclear site in the nation.

I told the Night Shift Ops Supervisor about "take your daughter to work day" and dared him to bring his kid there, just to tour the office building. Fifteen minutes later my Supervisor showed up asking if I wanted an early lay off - 5 minutes later I was in the body counter.

Maybe they cleaned it up under new ownership.

Anybody got an update?

Worked there last spring on the refuel floor. Good bunch of people to work with.  I lived on the cape, enjoyed the seafood, and hated the traffic circles!

Worked there in 99 in the drywell for Ron Passalugo. Had a great time. Got treated great for a lowly con. Hector was also very cool to work for/with. Would go back.


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