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--- Quote ---I lived in Plymouth, thought it was great.
Good people, great food, outstanding Irish pub.
Whale watching was cool, PYM is a great airport if you like to fly.
Fenway Park was a hoot.

Make sure your car insurance is good, I chose to drive a beater truck. Full contact merge lanes.
Lots of Left-Handed-Coffee-Drinker-Right-Handed-Cell-Phone
type drivers. They USE horns and guardrails.

Good Mun, Lotsa Fun
--- End quote ---

Ah yes, traffic circles and pulling your car half way across the road to make a left hand turn, blocking traffic.  What idiots.

one of the few places where aggressive driving is yer first mode of defensive driving. road rage is the norm, flipping middle digits is useless as it increases the chances of spilling yer own coffee, 'n nobuddy outside of yer vehicle cares.

humm I do not know what the rate there is for hp. but a safety office asked me for the upper 40 an hour range, and 550 a week in diem, thing is I makeing $1190 a week for diem in boston , seems a little low to me right now!
but I had a blast there in 93, its the last time I ran into Dirty Murdy. whats up with him?

;) The site everyone forgot :o

The Llamas are working  here at Pilgrim , living on the beach on the cape.


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