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Title: Off On A Rant
Post by: HAIRDUDE on Nov 22, 2011, 08:54
Hey y'all. It's me again ... HAIRDUDE/Floyd/Billy Flanigan ... F.W. Shannon ... You'd think I was hidin' from the FBI with so many pseudonyms.
ANYWAY ... I'm postin' a link to my new blog called Off On A Rant. It's completely open to all to read/post rants, advice or just get something off your chest/vent.
PLEASE visit, post, and while you're there, click some of those little advertisements you see in the sidebars and columns. Believe it or not, those guys PAY me for each click whether you buy anything or not. Gotta love it. Here's the link:

And for those out there in my extended nuclear family already, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
I'm still on the Island and still kickin'.