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Title: Lee 1 & 2
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Duke's William States Lee III Nuclear Station, Units 1 and 2 near Charlotte in Cherokee County, South Carolina

In December 2007, Duke Energy submitted a combined construction and operating license application to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a proposed 2,234-megawatt Lee Nuclear Station in Cherokee County, S.C. The site was selected in 2006 following a comprehensive study to identify possible plant locations across Duke Energy’s service area in the Carolinas.

The proposed plant is named for William States Lee III (Bill Lee), former chairman and CEO of Duke Power. Lee led both national and international efforts to establish worldwide standards of nuclear safety and operating excellence.

The William States Lee III Nuclear Station is a planned two-unit nuclear power plant. Duke Energy filed the Combined Construction and Operating License (COL) application for the plant on December 13, 2007 to the NRC. With this application, Duke Energy was the fourth company to apply for a license under the new procedure, and the license will be modeled after the Bellefonte NPP application that was filed by NuStart Energy two months prior, which is possible because both plants will use the AP1000 standard design.[1] Duke expects to receive the COL for Lee in 2012. The first unit could come on line about 2016.

The plant is named for William States Lee III (1929–1996), former chief executive officer (CEO) of Duke Energy (1982–94). This site will be adjacent to the Cherokee Nuclear Power Plant site which was never completed and abandoned in the early 1980s, and used by James Cameron as a film set for the 1989 movie The Abyss.