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Title: R Lee Ermey
Post by: Marlin on Apr 15, 2018, 10:43
   R. Lee Ermey has passed. He was my neighbor in the mid 80s when he was working as a superintendent, he was between the movies Purple Hearts and Full Metal Jacket. We saw him again a few years ago at a signing at the Smoky Mountain Knife works. The number of people that showed up was far greater than expected and they were going to cut off the line and stop the signing at a specified time. Ermey came out and said he would sign everyone's pictures if he had to do it in the parking lot after they closed. I was very glad he did this as we were near the end of the line and there was a 14 year old boy who was a member of the young marines in line next to us. We all got through and he spent time with everyone, got some big smiles from the young man and we got his signature on a marine KBar knife. Good man he will be missed.

   If you are wondering how this belongs on Nukeworker he was a superintendent during the construction at Clinton Nuclear Station.

Semper Fi