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Title: Big Brother
Post by: Marlin on Dec 29, 2007, 11:28
A guy named Bob is travelling by Amtrak with two strangers sitting close to him.
He is trying to sleep, but those guys were speaking loudly for a very long time heavily
criticizing the president, the war, corruption, unemployment, etc.
So Bob, in an attempt to force the guys to stop talking and let him sleep, tells them as
a joke, that there is a new total control system developed by the FBI that spies upon
all citizens, and there are lots of listening devices everywhere, so that anyone criticizing
the government would be severely punished.
This didn’t have any effect on those guys, moreover they just laughed at Bob, and carried
on and on, saying even more rude jokes about George Bush and the government.
Finally, close to 3:00 am, Bob goes to the restroom, and runs into the train conductor.
Bob asks the conductor to bring him some water and sleeping pills at exactly 3:00 a.m.
He goes back to his place and says loudly into the base of his seat, so that talkative
guys could hear him:
"If the FBI director can hear me: could you please bring me a glass of water and some
sleeping pills at 3:00 a.m., because there are some idiots here who are speaking too
loudly about some political issues and won’t let me sleep." The guys continue talking.
Exactly at 3:00 am, the door opens and the conductor comes out, and gives Bob the
water and some sleeping pills.
The guys are shocked and finally stop talking. Bob is happy and manages to fall asleep...
When he wakes in the morning, the talkative guys are no where to be found.
Out of curiosity he asks the conductor about them, (also remembering that there
shouldn’t have been any stops at night). The conductor replies that some people in
black suits stopped the train and arrested those guys.
Bob is completely shocked and surprised and asks about why he was not arrested.
The conductor answers that he doesn’t have a clue but one of the guys in black suits
said that the director of the FBI liked Bob’s joke about the water and pills.