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Post by: uRiaL on Jul 30, 2004, 03:08
Bush, Kerry & Nader Go Fishing
Pres Bush, Senator Kerry and Ralph Nader went on a fishing trip to the South Seas Islands. While there, they got lost and were found by a tribe of head hunters, who had a guillotine.

The Chief demand they be executed. President Bush volunteered to go first. As the blade came down, it stopped midway! The Chief said "Our gods favor you. You may go in peace."

Then Senator Kerry stood up. Once again, the guillotine stopped mid way. The Chief also let him go to please the gods.

About that time, Ralph Nader is laughing uncontrollably. The Chief demanded to know why he thought this was so funny.

Ralph Nader replied "If you guys would oil that thing it would work!"
Post by: wolf459 on Aug 01, 2004, 01:14
consumer advocate to the end ;D