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Title: Mules
Post by: raymcginnis on May 28, 2005, 05:05
A farmer has a sick mule.  He remembers that farmer Brown down the road had a sick mule a few months back.  He gets in his truck and drives down and knocks on the door.  Farmer Brown answer the knock.

"Jed, what did you do when your mule was sick?"

"Well I gave mine kerosene."

"You don't say?"

The farmer gets in his truck, goes home and forces a cup of kerosene down his mule's throat.  An hour later the mule dies and the farmer is infuriated.

He gets in his truck, tears down the road (big cloud of dust) and pounds on farmer Brown's door.

"Jed, I gave my mule kerosene and it killed him!"

Jed says: "Yep, killed mine too."