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Title: Enlisted Nuclear Pipeline
Post by: BLD1986 on Jun 11, 2008, 11:07
Just got accepted into nuke, and I'm trying to find information on NROTC program. My ASVAB test score was a 99, ACT: 35, SAT(2004 version) 1550. I was leaning towards University of Wisconsin-Madison, but I suppose that's not essential to my question. My question is that when can I apply for NROTC? And when would I have the chance to go to school? Getting my degree has been my dream, but after my father died so did my short lived college career. I just need all the information on this I can get. Anything will be greatly appreciated.

Title: Re: Enlisted Nuclear Pipeline
Post by: JsonD13 on Jun 11, 2008, 11:40
First off, you probably wanted to post this in the "Navy:  Getting in" Forum.  Congrats on getting accepted into nuke.

That said, you may apply for NROTC depending on your eligibility for that and the many officer programs there are.  Google OPNAVINST 1420.1 and you will find more than enough information.

Just FYI, enlisted nuclear is NOT a guarantee to getting a degree.  You must be determined to either, 1) be lucky and get accepted into an officer program, or 2) work your butt off for the next 6 years and do your schooling on your own time, of which you will hardly have any (It's been done, I'm proof).

It's not impossbile, just don't think you will be for sure going to school full-time and thats it.

Title: Re: Enlisted Nuclear Pipeline
Post by: Smooth Operator on Jun 11, 2008, 12:05
With your grades and test scores, why did you bother enlisting?

Why don't you just apply for an NROTC scholarship?

Enlisting in the Navy just to become an officer is one of the worst reasons to enlist. There is no guarantee you will get selected and you may find yourself doing a job you don't like year after year waiting for a spot.

Food for thought.