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Title: Radiation safety type certificate
Post by: ssumesh on Sep 26, 2008, 12:57

In UK which is the Nuclear Safety regulator / government department who provides type approval certificate for industrial measurement instruments which contains radioisotope as source.

We are procuring a level profiler with radiation source from a manufacturer in UK. I would like to know which nuclear safety type approval certificate should we ask for the equipment being imported from UK to India

We need to submit this certificate to Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of India to get authorisation and port clearence.    

Regards, Sumesh Soman
Title: Re: Radiation safety type certificate
Post by: cincinnatinuke on Sep 26, 2008, 11:16
First, who are you purchasing the "profiler" from?  I used to work for one of these companies so I can maybe give you someone to talk to.

And the regulator or government wont provide you any certificates that I know of.  Here in the US the states or the NRC approve sealed source device registries submitted by the manufacturers.  Its best to ask the company first for something like this, but there is really no reason for you to have it, since it gives you detailed drawings of its construction.  And its been my experience that the only reason folks really want that is to perform "work" on a device they are not licensed to perform.

As for certificates for importing this device, ask specifically for the "special form" certificate for the source you are buying and it doesnt hurt to ask for the original sealed source certificate (it is a form which shows original assay date, actual activity, etc.) that is provided by the sealed source manufacturer.  If you call the device manufacturer directly they will tell you all of this too and be able to get you the information you need.