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Title: Welcome TravelTax
Post by: Rennhack on Jan 19, 2010, 02:13
Please take a moment to welcome our newest advertiser TravelTax.

TravelTax began as a niche tax advisory service for traveling professionals like us. Joseph Smith, the founder, worked as a nationwide travel temporary after earning a double major in Respiratory Therapy and Accounting and during his travels, he began assisting his co-workers with their complicated multi-jurisdictional tax returns. Today, his firm serves a large number of contingent professionals from many industries providing tax preparation, planning, and audit defense service for US, Territorial and Canadian clients. Joseph is a regular contributor to 6 publications serving the contingent staffing industry. In addition to individual clients, Joseph provides reimbursement policy consulting for companies that employ mobile workers (Per Diem).
TravelTax offers in-person and teleconference tax workshops nationwide to empower their clients with the information they need to minimize their tax burden. Their website ( has a wealth of free information for the traveling professional and they are readily available to assist with any questions you have.

This is especially great news since some of our old favorite Tax Professionals have retired.
Title: Re: Welcome TravelTax
Post by: ld5030 on Jan 28, 2010, 02:48
Thanks Mike, this is a service we can all use I am sure.