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Post by: dirshkitkat on Jun 07, 2012, 03:40
I graduated from Univ of AZ with a Math Degree in 2006. I am currently applying for the Navy Nupoc program so I would be an officer going through all the training and such. I am worried to pieces since I am not newly out of college so I have forgotten some of my higher math since then. I want to know from someone who has gone through the process if the interview in DC is insanely difficult or bearable. I am aware that they are testing my ability to problem solve, but I am still SUPER worried. My recruiter is new to his shore job so he really doesnt have any contacts to set me up with to inquire so we are both learning through the process. I just want to know how closely I need to know the study guide vs all my notes from college for every math class Ive taken.


Post by: HalfHazzard on Jun 07, 2012, 02:05
It is not insanely difficult and it is bearable.

This link has good study guide information:

The link has information for a lot of majors, tailor it to what you saw in your college classes.  Peruse the "grey book" on the plane up there.

Anything off of your transcript is fair game for questions.  Make sure you dust off your Calculus and Physics knowledge.  Any C's or lower are probably going to be asked about.

I was a Mechanical Engineer, so I concentrated on Thermo and Fluids (as well as Calc and Physics) when I went up there, as I had taken those mostly those classes.  Can't help you much on the higher level math.  I'd expect some Differential Equations or something.

Good luck.
Post by: gsamelon on Jun 08, 2012, 02:02
I went through it in 2000 with a Civil Engineering Degree.  My first interview was a physics based question with a block on a inclined plane, pretty easy.  The rest of that interview was shooting the breeze.  The second interview was a statistics based question.  No shooting the breeze with this guy, he was all serious. 

The interview with Adm Bowman was pretty lame, he just asked me what I would do with the signing bonus and then said congrats.

I would review the physics stuff, it will definitely be fair game and is probably the most common type of question these guys ask since everyone has to have done physics, regardless of major.  I wouldn't think they would go to deeply into math, though you never know with Naval Reactors.

Good Luck!