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Title: Maintenance and Technical Training Qualifications - Welders
Post by: SCMasterchef on Sep 21, 2012, 10:09

I am a SAT Training Specialist who is working out of the country (CA) and I am seeking training qualification information related to (US) Nuclear Plant Mechanical Maintenance welders.  How are the many welding techniques performed by nuclear welders handled as far as task to training and qualification processes?  In other words, I have a group of welders, in house, who are trained, either by in-house or craft apprentice training through the unions, to perform various welding processes.  They go through the training are deemed qualified.  How do the training records reflect the qualification of the welding for the various processes?  Do to my location I do not have the normal access to the INPO guidelines as I normally would so I have come to the outside for information.