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Title: Jake Hatton (Heather & Brian Hatton's son)
Post by: tigger on Dec 21, 2004, 02:41
I hope I am posting this in the right spot, if not, I am sure someone will put it where it needs to go. :P
For those of you that know Heather and Bryan Hatton, they have had a huge change in there life recently.
Their 3 year old little boy Jake has been diagnosed with brain cancer called Medullablastoma. This is a rapidly growing cancer and he will undergo 12 months of chemo and radiation treatment. The chemo should not leave any lasting side effects, but they know that the radiation does. Heather said the doctors told her that they have seem up to a 30 point IQ loss in children under 6. As of right now they are pretty sure that this cancer has not spread but they will be doing a spinal tap and CT scan at the beginning of January and also starting treatment then. The first round of treatment they will stay up in Chapel Hill near the hospital because he will have treatment every day. Then he has a couple weeks off and starts treatment 3 times a week for 12 months. They removed a tumor from his brain stem last week and the CT scan of his brain shows that they removed all of it. They give the recovery rate of this form of cancer at 60-70%.
I have asked Heather permission before I posted on here.
The main reason I am doing this is to ask people to help out with the outage season coming up. In talking with Heather, she told me that she will not be able to work this year and maybe longer. Most of you know exactly what that means from a financial standpoint. The last time she talked with someone from the unemployment office they told her she would not qualify since she will not be available for work. Heather had some not so nice words to say about the lady she talked to. Those of you that know her know she will say what is on her mind. I had to smile when I talked to her about this.
So what is being asked is to see if anyone is willing to start a fund raiser at different outages. A bakesale, sell candy, hotdogs, whatever. Or simple ask for donations. Jake's first hospital visit ran up a bill in the range of $400,000 to $700,000 to have the tumor removed. Their insurance is only covering 90%. Plus the upcoming year of chemo and radiation, not to mention the costs of staying away from home during treatment. Bryan is still working, but they do need some help.
I have a church here that I am talking to, to see if they will do a collection for them as I am friends with the preacher.
In the upcoming week, we will be trying to set up a bank account that has branches nationwide.
As far as how Heather and Bryan are dealing with all of this, it has been a shock to them. they have had times when I have talked to them and they seem ok, and others when Heather sounds like she is about to fall apart. And that is to be expected. She says right now they get news, get upset then do what needs to be done.
None of this will be an easy road for them, but both Heather and Bryan are very strong people. Any thoughts and prayers for them and Jake will be appreciated.
I will try to keep this up to date on what is going on and how things are progressing.
When I get the account information for those of you that may want to make a donation or help with a fund raiser, I will get it posted. I know that in cases like this, the bank will allow people to go in tell them a  name and make a deposit. Hopefully it will be as easy as that this time.
On a positive note, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know I will see some of you in the coming months at outages.
Take care all.

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: tigger on Dec 24, 2004, 06:05
For all of you watching this to see how Jake is doing, since he was sent home from the hospital he has started walking again. This is great progress for him since he was only sitting up at the hospital.
Heather is working on setting up a special account, for anyone who may wish to help out in this time of need. I will post it when it is done and a suggestion was made to set up a paypal account. I will ask Bryan if he knows how to do this.
It is set up at Sequoyah and will soon be set up at Watts Bar to do fund raisers. And someone is working on Browns Ferry.
If anyone has any ideas on ways to do this feel free to post them or send them to me via email through here.
Merry Christmas all.
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: march2003 on Dec 26, 2004, 11:23
My heart, and Lee's goes out to the Hatton family. Though i have not seen Brian or Heather in years, they are great people...and i can imagine that this is a terrible blow to them.

I'd like to say that i have submitted Jake's name to "Silent Unity". Won't get money-but he will be prayed for 24 hours a day, for 30 days bythe Unity church.

We are currently dealing with an (semi) unknown medical conditon with our daughter, but health permitting- i will be happy to, at the very least, start up a donation  jar at Susquehanna...with the plants permission of course. Think that maybe Bartlett could also get a note out to all of their coordinators to get the same thing going at every plant.

I've sent you an email to let you know how to get in touch with me
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: vinman on Dec 27, 2004, 12:42
 Let me know if you need someone to talk to.  I myself have been through a similiar situation as a child and maybe can help you deal with it.  Email me if you want to talk.  You will be in our prayers.  God Bless

Vinnie S.
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: tigger on Dec 31, 2004, 02:47
For those of you that are interested in how to send donations....
Go to the paypal web site and enter into the email address account.
I have gotten a couple of emails saying that people would start a fund raiser at the outage they are going to be at.
Jake had his spinal tap done and we are awaiting the results to find out if the cancer had spread or not. The doctors are hopeful that it hadn't. Since he was not showing any of the signs.
Jake goes back into the hospital in early January. I will try my best to keep this up to date.
Happy New Year everyone
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: tigger on Jan 08, 2005, 11:38
Jake had a spinal tap and a CT of the spine done. The spinal tap showed clusters of cells, so it was to be redone. The CT scan showed that there were no tumors on his spine. That is a great sign that the cancer has not spread.
Heather will be at the hospital with him, starting next week, for 6 weeks while he undergoes the first round of chemo and radiation.
Please keep them in your hearts and prayers over the next couple weeks.
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: bhatton on Jan 15, 2005, 02:12
Bryan & I would like to thank everyone for the support everyone has shown. This as most of you can imagine has been very hard on us. We love hearing from everyone,most have asked if they are bothering us, its truly never a bother. We have heard from some people we have not seen in years. Thanks Richard Helm and Doug Graham we appreciate everything. We also would like to thank everyone for their prayers. We start radiation  & Chemo on the 18th of Jan. The radiation will last for 6weeks and the chemo will last for 16-18 months. He will be recieving 23.4 greys which is 2340 Rads to the brain. Anyone who would like to e-mail at home it is Thanks again and God bless.

                   Heather & Bryan
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: tigger on Feb 25, 2005, 11:35
Just here to give an update on Jake. He is almost done with his radiation treatments. He has a couple next week, then they will let him have a break from chemo and radiation. After that they start chemo 3 days a week, I believe is what Heather said.
They have been staying at the Ronald Mc Donald house near the hospital while he is getting treatment.
He is starting to have some side effects, but the Dr.s are not sure if it is because of the treatment or if he is just worn out from treatment.
When I know more, I will put another update on here.
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: bhatton on Mar 01, 2005, 11:03
Just an update on Jake. We finished radiation today....hurray . Jake did very well with it alot better then expected. He kept a little hair but not much. Now its just wait and see. The side effects of the radiation do not show up for 6months -2yrs. right now jake is on one chemo drug called Vinchristine, it is a nero toxin  and one of the side effects is to attack the leg nerves. He can't walk all the time due to this which gets frustrating for him sometimes. We are now getting a 6week break and then we get an MRI to see if the tumor is growing back and we start 4 other chemo drugs. He will be hospitolized for these as side effects are very dangerous from eating hole in the lining of the bladder, scar tissue in the lungs and damage to the heart. We will do 3 weeks on and 3weeks off for 8 cycles then we will do a diffent chemo combo. I wanted to thank everyone for the phone calls they are very much apprecated. We hope you all are doing well and miss everyone. Jake and I just got home today and he is running a fever so I hope not to be going back to chapel Hill so soon. Anyway we are in good spirits and over all doing well.God Bless You All and take care.

                                                            Thank You
                                                                         Heather Hatton
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: jjordan on Mar 02, 2005, 09:43
We are all extremely glad that things are going well! I hope you know that if you need anything, all you need to do is ask! We're here for you! We miss you here at Brunswick!
JJ :-*
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: radgal on Mar 02, 2005, 09:54

Glad to hear Jake is handling this well.  We pray every night for his speedy recovery.  Strength and Love.

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: diliigaf on Mar 02, 2005, 08:46
     Heather and Bryan, I'm glad to hear things are sounding positive for Jake. My thoughts and prayers like that of  many other friends,are with you and your family. God bless you all... Take care,TC
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: Elvis on Mar 07, 2005, 03:04
I am sorry to here that Brian & Heather my Mom just beat breast cancer but it was tough on all of the Family but keep your self strong through PRAYER and if your not religous get it ! ! thear is real stringth to be tapped through true prayer I'm sorry we have lost touch over the years but if this reaches you e-mail me at ......                [b]  [/b]
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: Camella Black on Mar 07, 2005, 05:54
Heather and Bryan,

I have tried to ignore this topic as I am the mother of 3 and a new grandmother and it just tugs at my heart. I have thought of you often since I first read it and have talked with others about you and your son, Jake, including God when saying my prayers.

I want you to know that you have lots of people thinking about you and what you are goiing through. I hope that you take the time to care for yourselves as we parents sometimes get lost when dealing with a sick child.

God Bless You All

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: vinman on Mar 11, 2005, 09:36
Brian and Heather

We are still praying.  Glad to see things went well so far.  We in the nuclear family are here for your support.  God bless.

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: bhatton on Apr 02, 2005, 10:39
Hey Everyone

Just an update on Jake. He is going in the hospital on april 14th to start his chemo cocktail. He has been in and out of the hospital the whole time we have been home due to a fever we could not break for 2 weeks. They finally sent us home and taught me how to set up his IV and run all his meds and flush his port which was way better then being in the hospital. I think there should be a nursing degree in this somewhere for I have enough antibotics to get rid of anything anybody has in my . His fever broke a few days ago and everything is back to normal here yeah.  Again I want to thank everyone for your continued support. This is a small community of people and you all have been very good to us. We love hearing from you all. Take Care & God Bless

                                                 Heather & Bryan Hatton
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: vinman on Apr 02, 2005, 03:00
We will keep praying.  We are behind you. ;D
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: bhatton on May 03, 2005, 12:04
Hey Everyone

Just an update on Jakob. Jake is getting alot of his energy back. It is good to see him acting like a kid again. We have started our new chemo cycle. It is a six week cycle. 3 weeks on 3weeks off. This is alot easier than before. The chemo makes him sick for about 10 days after.  He is in the hospital the first week. Then the two following weeks is out patient chemo. It a real nice ride to chapel hill with jake throwing up the whole he always seems to miss the bucket and get it all over the floor the poor baby....and the ride smells so I wanted everyone to know how much all the support has meant to us. We have been able to keep up with medical bills and meds and going back and forth to chapel Hill. We can't thank every enough there is no way our family would be able to have done this without everyone. Thank you all so much for all the prayers and prayer cloths and prayer blankets from your churchs it has been very touching. Jake just did a survivor walk for relay for life and cut the ribbon on opening ceremonies. It was great about 10 thousand people came out to walk in support of cancer and relay for life raised over 500,000.00. Jake has also grown 2 inches since his radiation which is a good sign that his pituitary gland was not fried during radiation. The only real problem he seems to have is his legs giving out and not being able to walk all the time. This is still due to the vinchristine which is the nero toxin. We can't cut back on it yet its to early in his treatment. But overall thing are going well here and getting easier or maybe we are just getting use to it either way we'll take it. Thank you for everything and God Bless you all.

                                                                            Heather & Bryan
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: Camella Black on May 05, 2005, 11:00
Heather, I continue to keep you, Bryan and Jake in my prayers. Am glad to hear some good news.
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: SloGlo on May 20, 2005, 03:15
dragging this over from the news for heather and bryan's info...

neuroblastoma responds to isotopic treatment….

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: radgal on May 20, 2005, 03:23
Thanks SloGlo!   I just emailed the link to their home email address
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: bhatton on Jun 01, 2005, 09:58
Hey everyone

   Just a little update as to whats going on here. Jake just had his in hospital treatment this past weekend and his outpatient treatment will be this friday and the following friday. He has his next MRI on July 1st. So everyone pray that it is clean. We have just found out that 2 of the children that had surgery the same time Jake did, both of their tumors are back. One of the mothers works at my daughters school and they live around the corner from us they found her tumor 4 days after ours. Although they all have differnt types of tumors, my heart and prayers go out to those families. Sloglo thanks for the info but that is a very different type of cancer then my son has. Jake has medulloblastoma which attacks the brain, spinal cord, and surrounding fluid. There are alot of cancers that end with blastoma but they are all very different and I am not sure why the names all sound so similar. Hey thanks for the info anyhow. I got good news. I got hired on in house with GE here in town. I will be covering CRD rebuild. Mon -fri. NO weekends NO holidays. I think it will be 8-4. Oh and they have a 2 million dollar medical insurance which is the most inportant thing. My girlfriend will be keeping Jake so he will not be in a daycare which would not be a good idea. Anyway I want to again thank everyone for their toughts ,prayers ,concern and help. There is no way on this earth Bryan and I could have done this without everyones help and support and for that we are very thankful and we are very thankful for all of our friends for all of you we love you.

                                                                 Love ya all
                                                                 Bryan & Heather
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: Ourhouse on Jun 29, 2005, 07:10
     As an innocent on-looker, my family and I all wish you the greatest of strength and lasting positive hope. It appears youngest of Hatton's has an angel upon the shoulder and there is no doubt that not only your love, but the prayers from friends and family will carry your family through this. I wish only the best for the days before you.

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: bhatton on Jul 12, 2005, 05:29
Well we had another MRI and some other test results so I am trying to keep you all updated. Jake had an MRI on July 1. The doctors say to spots in the pons area of the brain that they thought might be two more tumors. On July 7 they did an MRI spectroscopy for a better picture. They are now saying that it may be blood vessels looped around themselves, Dead brain tissue from the radiation or a small chance it may be 2 more tumors. Our doctor told us her gut feeling is that it is not tumor but they can't rule it out. They are going to do MRIs more often and watch the 2 spots for change. Where they are located at they can't biopsy. He also is having some hearing loss from the chemo but it is to early to  cut back,we new this would happen. He also is having so bladder control problems and hi
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: bhatton on Jul 12, 2005, 05:45
sorry I hit post on accident. I was saying he is still having problems with walking and he is going to start physical therapy. Other then that things are going well his spirits are good. I got this crazy job at GE. Its funny when you leave a nuke and realize how lax the rest of the world is. They do some crazy crap that would never go on anywhere else. I needed a small adjustment period. I am sure these people think I am a pain in the  A beta correction factor for an RO20 is 1 for co-60 I always thought it was We still frisk out with an rm-14. I have better ones than this but I have a feeling I should not post them here. Anyhow it pays well and has good benefits. I want to thank people for there continual support it keeps us going. I can't tell you what everyones help has meant to us. We realize more now then ever what good friends mean and how important it is to have them.

                          Thanks for everything
                                                            Heather & Bryan
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: bhatton on Aug 04, 2006, 08:07
 Hey Everyone

   I know it has been a long time since I have updated this. So Jake has finished his chemo a couple of months ago and had his port removed also. This was a big day for us. His hair is growing back he still gets tired easy but this too shall pass. He is getting ready to start kindergarden on Monday. I am not ready....he is. I am nervous as to how he will do. He has some short term memory loss and some hearing loss and is having problems with his fine motor skills....writing. But I really can't complain as he is still with us thanks to God. He struggles a little trying to understand it all ,as one of the little girls who was going through treatment with him just passed away. We were close with the family and her birthday was 3 days after Jakes and they were the same age and lived here in town. All he knows is they have the same thing and I have been trying to explain to him that he is not going to die but this is hard for him to understand. Anyway I am still at GE. If anyone would like to e-mail me my work e-mail is Again I want to THANK everyone. Ohhh Jake fell last night and got stitches in his chin and was so brave....He told me he is a man now not a

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: Camella Black on Aug 04, 2006, 11:09
Heather, I was moved to tears. How many times do we think our life is sooo bad and that we just can't handle another lay off, a late payment or that sinus infection.

You have struggled with something that most of us will never face and have done it with a huge heart and a strong will, I wish I knew you as you must be a wonderful person.

I pray that Jake continues to improve and trust me sending him off the kindergarten is a big step in a huge ladder; soon he will be marching across the stadium to recieve his high school diploma.

Keep us all imformed about his first day in school and his progress.

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: nuke_girl on Aug 04, 2006, 06:37
Dear Heather and Brian

I was fortunate enough to have worked with your  mom at Brunswick last season, and what a proud grandmother she is !!  :)She passed around the lovely pictures of you and your family ..and especially your Jake. We all added your family to our prayer lists as she told us of the things your family has not only endured ..but triumphed over. Continued prayers for you and your family for peace..strength and serenity as well as health for Jake.

God Bless
Kathleen :)
ps  please tell Deb ive said hello :)
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: bhatton on Nov 06, 2006, 04:37
Camella It is nice to hear from you and I hope your family is doing well. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. Kathleen, my mom also had nice things to say about you. She told me to tell you hello. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful mother.
We also got good news from the Make A Wish Foundation, they have granted Jake's wish to go to Disney World. So we will be going on Dec 10th for a week. Our whole family is excited. Jake loves school. His memory is a funny thing. He can not remember letters which is hard trying to teach someone to reconize the alphabet. But he can spell words when he writes. If you ask him what the letters are he does not know. He is starting to get them it just takes a little longer . Jake had another MRI and it was clean.
We miss seeing everyone but it sure is nice to be home every night. Take Care and I look forward to hearing from ya'll.

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: Camella Black on Nov 06, 2006, 06:44

Take pictures please and allow us to share is this wonderful adventure with Jake. I pray nightly for his health and happiness. Unless you have had a sick child you just don't know what tragedies can happen.

Our son who is now a strapping 6'1" and a nuke worker at one time screamed when he saw a nurse, much less a needle due to all of the tests he had to go through as a child. Luckily he ended up only having childhood migraines; but later did face having a 4" tumor removed from his femur bone which was not cancer.

Tell your mom I said hello and keep in contact.

BTW, Dorie our granddaughter is doing well, finally begin to walk at 17 months and has not slowed down. Doing ok except for being blind in her left eye does at times cause her to be accident prone.

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: bhatton on Nov 07, 2006, 12:17

 I am glad to hear your granddaughter is doing well. My niece was born blind in her left eye. My husband and I raised her for a time while her parents got their crap together. Any how I signed her up for soccer. The coach loved her she was the best player on the team. When it happens that young they just compensate and they do it so well unless you know you can't tell at lease that is how my niece is. I will try to get some pics of Jake on here. Gotta go I am suppose to be

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: bhatton on Oct 17, 2007, 02:24
Well it has been quit some time since I have updated this. Jake has started 1st grade and is doing quit well. This December will be 3 years since his diagoses and what a 3 years it has been. There are many people whom have lent their strength to my family and to them I would like to thank. We could not have made it through with out you. I am often reminded as to how lucky we are that Jake has done so well. Of the 5 children from this area that were diagosed in the same time frame as Jake. He will be the only survivor. There was a boy Bryson who went to school with Jake that was diagosed 8 weeks after him that passed a week ago.  And a little girl with the same type of cancer Jake had that is expected to pass anytime now.This as always is hard for us as a family but hard for Jake. I thank god everyday for letting me keep my son a little longer and cherish every moment as I know how easily our outcome could have been much different. I would not wish this on anyone but my husband and I are much better people from being through this. There is alot to be said for empathy and compassion. We spend alot of our time doing fund raisers for cancer research, Ronald McDonald House,Make a Wish and for the families in this area to help pay medical bills. I never volunteered before Jake got sick, I was always too busy or had an excuse. Now I volunteer like crazy I guess I have learned the importance of helping others. There are alot of people who reached out and touched our lives in our greatest time of need some people we knew some we did not. I would encourage each of you to take the time to touch another presons life you may make a bigger difference then you realize. We hope you all are doing well and look forward to hearing from you all.

Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: Camella Black on Oct 17, 2007, 03:47
Heather, as always my heart goes out to you. I'm sending you a hug of encouragement and strength. It is good to hear an update on Jake and I am glad that he is doing so well. First grade is a bit step and I’m sure you are awfully proud of him. I hope that others will follow your instructions and reach out and help others as there is no greater gift than giving of yourself.

Our grand-daughter is making great strides everyday; thankfully Dorie is healthy although she has several issues. She finally walked at 18 months (she’s now almost 3) but she is still unsteady. She actually jumped for the first time this week, now we are working on jumping forward.

We have been waiting since March to get into a SC Autism Center so they can diagnose her as the state will not recognize a diagnosis from Medical College of Georgia. She mainly has sensory issues; she’s smart as a whip and almost has a photogenic memory. Many of her problems stem from her being legally blind (although she can see to get around, she is blind in one eye and has a blind spot in her upper field of vision in the other).

Our family has also gotten more involved in volunteering and donating to causes due to Dorie; several years ago when our son Andrew had to have bone grafts we all immediately signed donor cards. I guess you don’t see the good that various organizations do until it hits home.

Tell Jake hello and please keep us updated.
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: NaVLI4 on Oct 18, 2007, 09:00
There is alot to be said for empathy and compassion. We spend alot of our time doing fund raisers for cancer research, Ronald McDonald House,Make a Wish and for the families in this area to help pay medical bills. I never volunteered before Jake got sick, I was always too busy or had an excuse. Now I volunteer like crazy I guess I have learned the importance of helping others. There are alot of people who reached out and touched our lives in our greatest time of need some people we knew some we did not. I would encourage each of you to take the time to touch another presons life you may make a bigger difference then you realize. We hope you all are doing well and look forward to hearing from you all.


This thread is years old but I just found it yesterday.  Your strength is encouraging and Jake's courage is amazing.  One month ago, this thread wouldn't have hit me as hard as it did was one month ago today that my oldest daughter was sent to pediatric ICU for DKA (diabetic keto acidosis).  While our fight with Type 1 diabetes is in no comparison to Jakes' fight, I totally understand what you mean by getting involved for a cure.  Our kids are precious and until something happens to one of your own kids, many people like myself just don't get involved.  Now I wear a red "find a cure" bracelet for my Katie.
I will add Jake to my prayer list as well as your family.  Stay strong and keep the faith.
Title: Jake Hatton (Heather & Brian Hatton's son)
Post by: ljeanniepc on Sep 22, 2009, 06:21
Jake has had a relapse. He is in Raleigh at Chapel Hill Hospital. He is undergoing chemo. Please pray for them!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Jake Hatton (Heather & Brian Hatton's son)
Post by: Camella Black on Sep 23, 2009, 12:06
Please pass on my prayers and thoughts to Heather and Brian.
Title: Re: Jake Hatton (Heather & Brian Hatton's son)
Post by: Mike McFarlin on Sep 23, 2009, 06:19
Your son is in our prayers.
Title: Re: Jake Hatton (Heather & Brian Hatton's son)
Post by: hezabear on Sep 23, 2009, 07:43
Your son is in my prayers, Hope he's better soon. Brad
Title: Re: Jake Hatton (Heather & Brian Hatton's son)
Post by: hhatton on Oct 16, 2009, 04:03
Thank you for your support. We were very shock at his relapse after all it would have been 5 years this Dec. WE have started a Caring Bridge so people can keep up with our progress. We just started it and we are in the hospital so we will update it with pictures when we get home. Here is the link
Title: Re: Jake Hatton (Heather & Brian Hatton's son)
Post by: jason on Oct 19, 2009, 09:15
Heather, My mom will request prayer for Jake at her church in Hartsville.
God Bless, Teresa Truett
Title: Re: Heather & Bryan Hatton
Post by: tigger on Nov 11, 2009, 12:24
As many people may know already, about a month ago, Jake had a relapse. Things had been going well, then this past Friday, Jake turn a turn for the worse. The MRI showed that there were several tumors on his brain, and not just the two that we all thought were there. Jakob Hatton lost his battle with cancer on Monday morning with Heather and Bryan by his side. They have recieved tons of love, support and prayers from family and friends. And I know they are both thankful to have such wonderful people in their lives.

They have a website they had started while Jake was going back and forth to Chapel Hill. The web site is

This is the information for Jake's Memorial Service.
We will be having a memorial service for Jake on

                Saturday  Nov 14th, 2009 at 1:00pm

              At :  Port City Community Church
                     250 Vision Drive
                     Wilmington NC   28403



There will not be a viewing just a memorial service to celebrate Jake's life.

Anyone who knows Heather and Bryan know what they have gone through and how much this little boy means to them. Please keep them, and their daughter Danielle in your thoughts and prayers during this time.