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Title: DC Cook SRO info
Post by: Neutron234 on Jul 28, 2015, 10:20
I am currently a licensed SRO at a utility in the South and am looking to get closer to family, most of whom live around the DC Cook plant...that said, can anyone tell me whether or not they hire from outside to fill SRO ILT slots? Also, what time of year do these classes usually start? Does it vary from class to class or is it on a routine schedule? I can't seem to get any info from peers that I know , so I figured I'd give this a try...any info you can give me would be appreciated  thanks
Title: Re: DC Cook SRO info
Post by: WheresWaldo on Nov 03, 2015, 04:20

Cook will hire from outside .... when positions are open. Currently, there are a few former CNP employees helping to augment the Ops Training Staff, and others are near retirement, so I'm sure a new license would be very desirable.

The ILT classes tend to start every year in the October time frame, with selection being in the summer. The next one will start in 2016.

That said ... I wouldn't be shy about sending your resume to Cook, cold, with what you're hoping to get in the way of a job.