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Title: How to go surface?
Post by: H202 on Jan 19, 2005, 08:44
i sub vollenteered at boot camp and now as an elt-t i decided to unvolenteer and go surface.  my command career counselor said that "if your sub you'll stay sub."  with that said he just gets pissed off when someone asks him to switch them.  does anyone have any idea to go surface and if so what are the chances?
Title: Re: How to go surface?
Post by: shayne on Jan 19, 2005, 08:51
Chances are that if you are now in ELT School, then you have already filled out your duty station preferences form.  Usually at that point, regardless if sub volunteer or not, you could put all surface ships and homeports.  Worked for me.

Since you are in school, give the detailers a call and see what they can do.
Title: Re: How to go surface?
Post by: ex-SSN585 on Jan 19, 2005, 09:35
This is an opinion only and has no written guidance to back it up:

Submarine duty is strictly voluntary.  If you've never been assigned to a submarine, I would think you could change your status.

Definitely call the detailers.  If nothing else, I would think it would help them plan ahead because there are different detailers for sub and surface.

And to build on the previous post, whether or not you have already submitted your 1306, duty preference/dream sheet, prepare a new form and send your updated preferences to the detailers immediately.

EDIT:  added more after search for info

If you want something in the Navy, I recommend you become familiar with the governing doccuments, which for your case I have found on the Internet (Google):

MILPERMAN 1220-040

As with anything else in the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program, accepting, "That's the way it is because I said so" is not good, even when learning about the propulsion plant.

Know the source documents and written requirements.  (You might be surprised.)

P.S.  You might think I'm wasting your time because most of what is said in those articles (1) doesn't have anything to do with what you want, (2) refer to each other in a circular fashion, and (3) repeat and restate the same things that the others state.  However, you just might find what you want buried in there.  Also look for NOTES which are like updates.  I can't help you with finding the applicable notes (I used to look through binders in the yeoman's office), but they will usually have the same number as the governing document (e.g. NAVPERSNOTE 1220.040 ... I have made this number up just for example) and a revision (capital letter)) and a date ("dtd Sept 1982").  Also make sure that you have the current revision.
Title: Re: How to go surface?
Post by: taterhead on Jan 19, 2005, 10:59
I un-volunteered for subs in prototype.

Until your orders are written, everything is up for negotiation.

Route a chit to have it changed.  Paperwork is WAY better than talk, and you can track it.

Usually when i hear "with that said he just gets pissed off when someone asks him to switch them", it tells me that he just doesn't WANT to do it because it entails actual work.  This is a common thread in the Navy, you will sometimes have to MAKE people accountable for doing their job.