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Title: Underwater antennas
Post by: jjordan on Mar 03, 2005, 06:59
We are going to be doing some extensive diving this outage, and I have been tasked with providing telemety coverage for the divers. We use MG dosimetry, but the rub is MG wants $1500.00 a piece for their antennas, and they don't have any available right now! They are a square paddle design, and they are very directional. In the past I have made underwater antennas for both MG and SAIC equipment. For the MG's I went to Radio Shack and purcased a 50-2200mhrz signal booster. I then attach a rubber whip antenna to the booster, and then about 100-150' of coax to it. I then take rachem nuclear grade heat shrink and seal the unit. I then attach the unit to the divers suit directly over the transmitters, then run the coax up the umbilical cord. I have done this before and they seem to work. they ony cost about $100.00 to make. I was wondering if anyone else out there has done this? If so do you have a better design, and would you please shre it with us if so?
Title: Re: Underwater antennas
Post by: JnyMac on Mar 16, 2005, 11:46

We have a gut at Palo Verde named Don Sobera that has been working with MG since it's conception.  You could call 623-393-5000.  If that is not an option PM me and I will give you his e-mail when I get back to work on Friday.