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Title: duty stations after sea
Post by: cave_dog42 on Aug 17, 2005, 04:56
I just graduated boot camp a couple weeks ago and am in my first week at A school and i just wanted to know what shore duty billets were available. i know i have a lot more important things to worry about like a school, power school and prototype, but im just curious. your input is appreciated...just in case anyone cares im going to be a surface EM
Title: Re: duty stations after sea
Post by: JsonD13 on Aug 17, 2005, 05:12
Well I'm sure you know that as a nuke, after your intial training there is only one option to stay on the shore for a little while, be a staff pickup at prototype.  Otherwise, unless you have some unforseen circumstances, you will go to see on a carrier, or get a carrier that is in the yards.  After your initial sea tour, then you get more of a choice on shore duties, which can range from prototype instructor to recruiting and so on.  The possibilities are endless then.

Title: Re: duty stations after sea
Post by: shayne on Aug 17, 2005, 05:15
Well the nuclear shore billets that are available are Prototype, Power School and A School Instructor.  Some Nuclear Operators find their way into the shipyards working maintenance.  Others may choose to do recruiting.  I did work with a MMC that did a shore tour as a Company Commander in Orlando Bootcamp.  Another option is to get picked up for a staff tour at prototype right after your graduation.  Staff Pickups re-enlist for an additional 2 years (STAR Most of the time) to cover the shore tour, then go to the fleet for the other 4 years. 

Nuclear operators are on a 5:2 rotation.  5 years of sea for 2 years of shore.  A tour at one of the nuclear training facilities will get you a 5:3 year rotation, however it is possible for a 3:3 rotation. 

Depending on your A School, Power Schoo,l and Prototype grades as well as your performance in the Fleet, it is posible to rotate off the ship early 3-4 year point to go teach at one of the nuclear training facilities.  Power School staff tours demands the best nuclear operators to leave early.  Also manning levels on the ship may dictate if you are allowed to leave early.  If the ship is undermanned you may have to wait before the ship will allow you to leave early.  The detailers also are not going to send you to a shore command if it is properly or overmanned.
Title: Re: duty stations after sea
Post by: HydroDave63 on Aug 18, 2005, 08:13
Men were meant to be on ships, and ships were meant to be at sea...haze grey and underway makes for a fine Navy day!