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Title: New Tools - a question
Post by: mikeland on Oct 29, 2005, 05:25
Hi Guys!

I'm working on the low power ARM7 Sharp processor - which interfces with a nice palm sized CLCD touch display.

I'm looking at getting a lookup table of various gammas from different nuclei ... and doing FFT on the LIND tube to ascertain a fix (rough as it is) on various nuclear gamma transitions ...

Where can I get an electronic form of the Gammas emitted from elements and isotopes in an easy electronic form?
Also - I'm limited to about 400 k of on board memory ... so all I need is a primary or secondary peek in MeV or eV and to know the species ...

Then I can display the info hand held ...  8)

Also - what features would you guys like in an electronic gamma spec hand held with colour display (I realise that a touch screen isn't a good idea with gloves)?