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Title: Future as Nuke
Post by: senimor on Oct 30, 2005, 11:01
I have now been at S8G in NY for about 2 months now, looking to graduate from here in march sometime.  I am an ET, upper 20% in everything thus far.  My curiousities to future of my career are various.  I am almost positive I will not be in the navy past 8 yrs.  I would like to say that I wont STAR, but 55k is too much to turn down.  I am curious as to the advantages and disadvantages of being a SPU.  While from a students perpective it seems like a good thing, all of the past SPUs I speak with seem to think exactly this opposite.  I have heard our class will be the initial manning of the Bush, which is good for me because of less sea time.  Though sea may be fun for some and even though I havent been yet, I am certain that I will keep the days when the thing I have to most look forward is sleep, as few as possible.  So basically, my question is this, become a SPU, do 2 more yrs at S8G and seal my 8 years, or go to the Bush, pretty much be at a shore command for 2 yrs, and then weigh my options again?
Title: Re: Future as Nuke
Post by: MLew44 on Oct 31, 2005, 04:28
I might not be the right person to give you advice, but I will anyway. Here is my perspective from an ET who got out in '95, having spent almost ten years in...

Prototype staff is good experience. I wouldn't have thought so before having done it, but it turned out to be for several reasons -- for one thing, as enlisted, it gave me a chance to qualify EOOW, which I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. But I don't recommend staff pickup. It's backwards -- you don't want to spend your first two or three years as a staff pickup and then go to a sea command for the first time as a nubly first class. While a staff pickup, you'll get no respect from the sea-returnee staff, and you'll be limited in what you can do. What works out great is this; get your sea time over with FIRST, then do prototype duty just before you get out. It let's you prepare better, also, for getting out.

Precommisioning a carrier might be a good experience, but I would recommend going to a regular sea-going ship or sub, get it over with, then do what you want. Sea time isn't all that bad if you're single. As a Navy nuke, there's no substitute.

Good luck.
Title: Re: Future as Nuke
Post by: taterhead on Oct 31, 2005, 11:59
If you get the Bush, don't expect to leave after you have been there for 2 or 3 years.  The OBLISERV obligates you to 24 months PAST the inservice date, which is TBD at this point.  As a nuke straight from prototype, you will be at the bottom of the list to transfer to prototype.  Sea returnees will likely have the first opportunity to transfer after the OBLISERV is met.

Honestly, if you are graduating in March, I have no idea how you will be the precomming class.  Design School doesn't start until July 10 (or so), and that is for the first reporting nukes.  That leaves 3-4 months in which you don't have a home.  This all adds up to "unlikely" in my opinion.

Sounds like a "mess decks rumor" to me.  Get ready for some sea time.
Title: Re: Future as Nuke
Post by: M1Ark on Nov 01, 2005, 12:03
I was a SPU and only served 6 years.  I was obligated to serve 24 months past my Staff tour.  I reported to my ship as a senior second and shortly made first class.  I was in no way hindered by being a SPU on my sea going command.  I qualified faster than anyone could remember.  It's just like anything... you're judged on your merits.

I disagree with the sea returnees not respecting SPU's.  If anything it was the otherway around.  The SPU's at my prototype knew more about the specifics of the prototype than most sea returnees.  SPU's had their chops busted through the qualification phase while most sea returnees got blazed off.  Also,  SPU's only know one plant and they tend to be good at what they do.

I understand your dilema but I would strongly consider a SPU tour.  It's also a good bullet on your resume when you get out.
Title: Re: Future as Nuke
Post by: Fermi2 on Nov 01, 2005, 03:49
My experience was the same as M1Arks. I qualified at A1W, the Sea Returnees treated us very well, there was little friction between the Sea Rats and the SPUs. My Sea Dad and MTPO were both Sea Rats and they're my two best friends to this very day.

When I got to my boat I was a Senior E5 about to make E 6. I took a bit of friendly teasing over it, but once the guys on the boat figured out I just wanted to be one of the guys that pretty much ended. All in all if you get a chance to be a SPU I'd recommend it.

About the only times I ever saw friction was when a SPU would try to tell students what the fleet was like.

Title: Re: Future as Nuke
Post by: senimor on Nov 06, 2005, 09:08
Well, i had some questions answered at NPTU.  SPU is still a definate possibility, but as for the Bush, it looks like we will be the first class.  As someone stated earlier, June 10th is the design school start.  I graduate in March, and as you know about the pipeline, the next class wont be until May, followed by July.  If design school is starting June 10th, and we were informed by the detailer that 2 classes will be broken up to be sent to the bush, then the march class and may class are those two.  That is just for anyone else that may be curious, as to everyone else, appreciate the help.