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Title: Maine Yankee Loding
Post by: Rennhack on Jul 22, 2001, 07:14
The Schooner in Wiscasset is right on US-1 behind a Chinese restaurant and across the street from the "Sea Basket" restaurant. about 2-3 miles from Maine Yankee. Not a bad little place but about the only game in town. The owner will give you a great deal. It's brand new, it's clean and it's CHEAP!
If your coming in from the south, and who would be coming from any other direction, it is about 1/2 mile past a big ford dealer both of which will be on your right.
Title: Maine Yankee
Post by: Camella Black on Apr 08, 2004, 11:43
This area is paradise in the Spring, Summah and Fall. Really loved our time here. Lots of great shops, flea markets and plenty of good food.

Food: Sarahs in downtown Wiscasset, Miss Wiscasset on U. S. 1, and the River Dog Cafe in downtown Wiscasset. All of these are fairly priced and serve good food.

More on this area later.
Title: Re: Maine Yankee
Post by: hezabear on Apr 09, 2004, 07:32
In Waterville the Freedon Cafe. They have great southern/ soul/cajan food. This place is great,but go early they have a limited # of dishes a night. Open thur- sat anly. Enjoy,Brad
Title: Re: Maine Yankee
Post by: Camella Black on Apr 11, 2004, 09:35
Don't miss this:

Land's End, great view, cute little shop with tourist stuff.
Darmiscotta, Boothbay and Edgecomb have some great shops.
Check the local calendars for Boothbay's Windjammer Days, watching these ships sail into the harbor and drop their sails is a wonderful site.
Title: Re: Maine Yankee
Post by: Camella Black on Apr 12, 2004, 10:54
The Hillside Acres Motel in Boothbay offers techs a great deal after Columbus Day. Their website is

email them at