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Title: Outage Poetry
Post by: nuclearnavajo on Dec 10, 2007, 06:37
Sometimes you ain't got much going on.  Here's a bit'o  HP holiday cheer.

Two weeks before Christmas and all through the Aux,
No one had been working, I was alone with my thoughts.
With my feet on the table, and hard hat in my lap
I just settled down for a mid-outage nap

It was just a brief moment when I heard someone say,
"Hey HP wake up!  We must work today!"
Stumbling to my feet, I thought  "Freakin' OPS!
It's an hour till turnover, this crap has to stop."

They dashed from the point, as I picked up my gear.
Then followed them slowly with nothing to fear.
When the Foreman said he was sure all'd turn out well
I had gut feeling this job would be hell.

There was just a lone valve with hose sticking out.
The Foreman said "This will be cake without doubt."
I turned for a moment to pick up  some smears,
When I heard somone shout "Everybody stand clear!"

He pulled out the hose before I say no,
Then stood there dumbfounded as he watched the thing blow.
Like a nuclear geyser or burst of spring rain
The  valve, it exploded, and flooded the drain.

The operators did fight to get that valve shut,
but it wasn't that easy, the darn thing was stuck.
They banged on the pipe and the pounded the stem,
Till the valve had broke loose, and would close again.

 The dosimetry alarmed, the CAM started to scream
I prayed to the Lord "Let this please be a dream."
From the top of the stairs there arouse a great clatter
And there stood my Foreman atop of the ladder.

Shrieking "Shut this job down! Get out of that goo!
We have people to decon and explaining to do!"
In the blink of an eye he was gone in a flash,
to concoct a story that would cover his ass.

As I bagged up my clothing, and put papers on,
The RPM mumbled "My bonus is gone"
Now Body Counts, and Surveys, and statements galore
Thanks a lot "Tech A",  We're now INNPO 4

From Tech C and Tech D