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Title: how i got cyber stalked by a anti nuc nut
Post by: martin meyer on Dec 03, 2010, 01:07
Hey every body, sorry about the title, just want to share this and i thought it would get everones attention.
wanted to get out to our community that a local contacted me via a blog I made on our site. I referred to big rock point in a post memorializing one of our fallen.This man is looking for anybody who'd be willing to guess at the never happened. Wants a a comment on what if a B-52 crashed into the sphere. Background , 1971, a B-52 crashed in the bay. It was a practice bomb run that our military boys did on a 'target' on the water. The aircraft would fly right over the old station. I advised this man that I lacked the creds and suggested that the NRC might be the best resource. He had admitted he had approached several former employees who live in the area, and of course, he dropped ever persons name!  I, like all other responsible adults!, politely refused. Well, I did tell him in no uncertain terms to keep my name out of his 'research'. I was professional. (ah-mm!) ANYWAY, be aware, this cat is got him a mission. wants someone to 'comment' , He claimed to had published and presented a 'white paper' on several murders and proudly said he disclosed the 'truth'. last e mail after my refusal, the man got real rude, insulting and accusatory that I'm part of some vast conspiracy cover up. the man is seeking sick glory for himself. a claims to be retired history teacher. I think he's nuts.  Ladies and gentlemen, this man came at me SIDEWAYS . it was clever. came at me as if he was doing human interest angle. I stupidly bit! Oh well, live and learn!
Title: Re: how i got cyber stalked by a anti nuc nut
Post by: matthew.b on Dec 03, 2010, 01:35
I've been told more than once that "You're part of the conspiracy."

Yeah, right.  How many millions of people have worked at a nuke plant?  We've all been paid and/or blackmailed into staying quiet  ::)
Title: Re: how i got cyber stalked by a anti nuc nut
Post by: martin meyer on Dec 03, 2010, 01:49
And we are very insensitive people too!! And we just don't care about anything but that terrible stuff.
 I'll have all to know I'm sensitive. I really AM, and to prove it I admit to all just how terribly SENISTIVE I really am!!

I teared up, well, really wanna know?? wept like baby! 3 hankie weeping now,  when  Eleanor got her mirror almost completely knocked off! how can 'they', that's right 'THEM' hurt one of the sexiest Mustangs on film?