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Title: House cleaning on this forum
Post by: Camella Black on Nov 01, 2007, 02:43
Just wanted to warn everyone that we will be cleaning up this forum over the next couple of weeks and posts that do not fit into the discription will be moved to a new location. The Nuke Community is for "News of illness, recovery, and announcements that aren't already covered by another forum. A virtual Community Hall for Nukeworkers."

We have finally achieved our goal here in the Nuke Community; we have added two more forums, Illness & Injuries and Holiday Greetings which will help keep the threads clean and make them easier to use. I encourage all of you to visit these threads to check up on the progress of those in recovery and to shout out to those that are having birthdays, getting married or to wish anyone and everyone a happy holiday.

I would like to thank Tom for setting these up and Ruth for all of her hard work.