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Famed French scientist, Marie Curie, died of radiation poisoning. The books she used to take notes in during her experiments are available to the public, but you have to sign a discharge before you can have access to them. Basically, you agree not to sue the French National Archives if you suffer adverse effects because of the radiation. The books are actually kept in a container lined with lead, hidden in the vaults of the National Archive Building. Their access is limited to scientists and researchers.

World War II made Einstein sign a 1939 letter to President Roosevelt, warning him that the Germans could create an atomic weapon. This led FDR to set up the Manhattan Project, an effort to secretly develop an atomic bomb. Though Einstein's formula E = mc2 was key to the project, Einstein was considered a security risk and was not involved.

Nucleomituphobia is the unreasonable fear of nuclear weapons.


--- Quote from: Charles U Farley on Mar 04, 2007, 04:14 ---The human head weighs eight pounds.

--- End quote ---

It also represents 9% of an adults total surface area (skin) and 19% of a childs.   :)

The Japanese military did not consider the three aircraft approaching Hiroshima a significant threat. Anti-aircraft guns were not fired and fighters remained in their hangers as they believed that these were probably weather planes and not worth the expediture of waning resources.


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